Bucky Adams and the Uptown Band - National Arts Centre, Ottawa

What do you get when you mix the soulful jazz of Bucky Adams, the rich vocals of Corey Adams and the musical versatility of the Hungarian born Botos Brothers?

A musical experience so incredibly out-of-this-world it takes you on a journey you never want to end.

Robert Botos & Bucky Adams


Bucky Adams and the Uptown Band were warmly received by young and old alike as they performed at the Atlantic Scene May 1, 2003. 

From the first note, a respectful hush fell over the audience.  Their journey had begun. 

Bucky Adams, Corey Adams & Attila Darvas


One could almost see the music take bodily form as notes resonated from the depth of each musician's soul.  Attentive listeners were transported to an imaginative musical realm.

Bucky Adams, Corey Adams and the Botos Brothers  unforgettable performance  was a journey worth the taking.

Corey Adams, Ferenc Botos, Attila Darvas


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