July 2003
                                                                  Atlantic Jazz Festival



Atlantic Jazz Festival - Halifax
Tuesday July 22nd , 2003        
Celebrating Bucky Adams

The Atlantic Jazz Festival tips its hat to saxophonist Bucky Adams who has been a prominent figure on the Halifax music scene since the early '50s.  A consumate musician, Bucky Adams' warm approach to timeless classics has earned him a loyal following.  Bucky will be joined on stage in a tribute to his long and significant career by his son, singer Corey Adams, and the Botos brothers with whom he appeared during the Atlantic Scene in Ottawa.  A jazz trio that has taken the Toronto scene by storm since arriving from their native Hungary, the Botos brothers are pianist Robert and drummer Frank, sons of the gypsy jazz drummer Louis Botos.  Subbing for Louis is Attila Darvas on bass.